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Textbook FAQ

Why should I pre-order textbooks now?

Pre-ordering textbooks for pickup provides you with an easy in-store pickup option, gives you access to rental and used books on a first-come, first-serve basis, and ensures that you get the right books on time.

Orders not claimed within 5 days will be re-shelved, and will incur a $25 non-refundable restocking fee.

How do I access my booklist?

Login to your UAccess account using your UA NetID and password. Select your current term and click on "Proceed to the BookStore" below your class schedule.

UAccess Student Center My Class Schedule Booklist

How do I navigate my booklist?

The required textbooks on your booklist are organized in alphabetical order by author. Click the "View this course only" link to narrow your booklist to materials for that specific class. You can also click "Search by Courses" in order to view books for individual classes, as explained in the next question.

UA BookStore Booklist

How do I search by course in my booklist?

To search by individual course, click "Search by Courses." If you have multiple classes in your course list, click "Remove" next to each class that you do NOT want to view in order to narrow your search. Then, click "Get Course Materials" to view textbooks for the individual course.

If you would like to add a class that is not already on your booklist, select the specific term (a), department (b), and course number (c) from the dropdown menus, and then click "Add Course" (d). Note that your booklist will remain in alphabetical order by author if you select more than one course at the same time.

UA BookStore Booklist

If your department or class number is missing, note that you likely need to search one of the other UA BookStores locations at the bottom of the page.

UA BookStore Booklist

How do I return to my complete booklist?

Click the "Class Schedule" link at the top of the page. This will take you back to your class schedule within the UAccess Student Center. Simply click "Proceed to the Bookstore" again in order to return to your alphabetically organized booklist.

UA BookStore Booklist

How do I order books?

Use the price comparison tool to check vendor prices in addition to the UA BookStores prices, and select the best textbook options for your needs.

UA BookStore Booklist

Can I use my Bursar account to purchase textbooks?

Starting January 2nd, 2016 through April 10th, 2016 we will accept Bursar accounts as a form of payment for online Spring textbook pre-ordering up to $1,000 of academic course materials.

Bursar FAQ »

What option do I select if I want to do in-store pick-up for my textbooks?

In order to pick up your books in-store, please select "Spring Textbook Pre-Orders " Please note that this shipment type will still require a shipping address. This is necessary in case you are unable to pick up your order. Orders not claimed within 5 days will be re-shelved, and will incur a $25 non-refundable restocking fee.

Why does it ask for a shipping address if I want to pick up at the store?

In order to better serve our customers, we keep an address on file in case you are unable to pick up your order. This way, we are able to ship your order to you.

When will my order ship?

What about textbook rentals?

How to activate my eBook?

What about textbook refunds?

What is this pending charge I see on my credit card account?

In order to ensure that you don’t exceed your limit, your financial institution requires all vendors to notify them of an impending purchase. This is an automated process that occurs at the time that you finalize your checkout. Your account will not be charged until we process your order. Please note that the final cost of your order may be different due to product availability.

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